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 Anger Management
Everyone, if they're human, experiences anger from time to time.  That's normal.  However, some will take it to the "Enth degree"!  They will involve and/or negatively affect other people; even those especially close to them; sometimes those especially close; often with physical abuse!  Many people are just unable to keep their rage within themselves, but with clinical hypnosis, they will understand that their outbursts and/or abuse can and will be totally in control; keeping and quelling all external outbursts. 
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For the victims of such abuse however, it just makes life with that person unbearable, if not unlivable.  They often and understandably, want to escape the relationship, fearing for their very lives!   Often, throwing into the mix, is that the victim actually still loves this person with the anger management problem; in fact, even blaming  themselves for the other person's problems.  Fortunately, hypnosis can address all these issues and help everyone involved understand and quickly remedy the situation.

It can run very deep for all parties involved, but it can and WILL be addressed through hypnosis, however, all parties involved must recognize that there is indeed a problem, and that it can and will be corrected.  Often, there are issues that run very deep indeed, sometimes involving past abuse, molestation, PTSD, etc.

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