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Hypnosis By Phone
The newest and most exciting evolution in hypnosis!  Imagine never having to leave the comfort of your home and still experience the one-on-one benefits of clinical hypnosis in total confidence and anonymity via your telephone equipped with noise-canceling headphones.
These guidelines are in place to make your experience the most successful it can be!
NOTE for individual hypnosis sessions:  We will discuss your situation and individual matters before hypnosis sessions begin.  We may also be asking you short questions occasionally during the hypnosis session keeping a brief dialog to insure you are not sleeping and still on the path you should be.  It will not adversely affect your hypnosis session and in many cases may even enhance it as movement and talking during hypnosis many times deepens your depth level.
   Be sure to pay for your hypnosis session in advance either by mailed check or money order or online (on our "Purchases" page via secure PayPal.  Appointments will not be held without pre-payment.  Be sure to call or email us to find the best time for your hypnosis session.
You can experience your hypnosis session by telephone, or a phone headset so that your hands are free, a speaker phone or through your computer if so equipped.
     Avoid taking mind altering drugs or alcohol within 24 hours of your hypnosis session, as they can prevent you from becoming hypnotized.  If you are presently on any type of medication be sure to inform your hypnotist what it is and the condition it is being taken for.
     Make sure that you can relax and will be undisturbed for a duration of approximately  60 minutes.  You will want to choose an area where you can experience comfort when you are being hypnotized.  This should be a place where you are fully supported no matter how deeply relaxed you become.  Especially your neck and back areas.  Most people enjoy using a recliner during hypnosis however any other sort of comfortable furniture or bed can work.
     Make sure you won't be distracted during the hypnosis session.  Disable your other phone (cell or land-line), pager, call waiting, television or any other device that you think may disturb you.  Also, be sure that other people won't enter the room during your hypnosis session.  It is best to have no time pressure, so make sure you have no further appointments.  You may even want to place a sign on your door so as to not be disturbed during the hypnosis session.
     We encourage you to have your hypnosis session in a private space, and ask that you request family or others sharing your living quarters to be quiet and to avoid entering the room during your session.  It is important that you not be interrupted under any circumstances except genuine and serious emergencies.
     Pets need to be quiet and/or in another room or space during hypnosis sessions, no matter how adorable they are. This includes even well behaved cats or dogs.  We have found that they may make noise or otherwise demand other types of attention when their owners are in hypnosis.  The Alpha state of your consciousness as in hypnosis actually attracts pets!

    Your body temperature drops slightly when you are in hypnosis, and you will probably want to have a warm blanket nearby.

     Make sure to take a bathroom break before hypnosis sessions begin!

     Please do not be late for beginning your session.  Those who are not contactable at the agreed upon time to call, will still be charged in full for their hypnosis sessions.
     Clients are responsible for maintaining their own voice equipment such as telephones or computer.  Our phones and computers are well maintained.  We do not offer refunds for calls dropped or lost because of poor connections, low batteries, or any other condition on the client's end.

     In the event that something should happen to the connection on our end, we will attempt to reconnect and continue immediately.  If we are not able to, we will reschedule your appointment.  This seldom if ever happens.
Cost of a 45 minute phone session is  ONLY $75 
Naturally, we understand that circumstances might arise which would require you to change your appointment.  In this case, please call us at the below number at least 24 hours in advance, and we will be happy to arrange another time for your hypnosis session.  Appointments cancelled within 24 hours will not be refunded.
     The number to call to schedule hypnosis sessions  is: (631) 298-7260  .
                                                    WHAT'S NEXT?
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1.  REMAIN THE SAME- Do nothing and always wonder if……
2.  CHANGE FOR GOOD- Get up, walk to the phone, call (631) 298-7260   to schedule your hypnosis session and take the first step to success.  (If we're unavailable, please leave a message and we'll return your call.)
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We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the science of hypnosis.
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