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The Federal Government Department of Labor's definition of "Hypnotherapist".

New York State:

NYS Mental Health Practitioners - Q&A on 2002 Law
1. Is a license currently required to practice counseling and psychotherapy in New York State?
A professional license is not required currently for the practice of counseling or psychotherapy. However, beginning on January 1, 2005, most people who practice counseling or psychotherapy will be required to be licensed in one of several professions, unless exempt under law.
8. Are there grandparenting provisions for individuals who do not meet the new requirements for licensure?
Yes. The Education Department has the authority under the law to establish criteria for individuals who do not meet the requirements specified in Article 163 for licensure in the four new mental health professions. Individuals will be able to apply under grandparenting requirements on January 1, 2005.
There are also provisions for individuals who meet all requirements for licensure except the examination requirement and:
are certified by a national or other acceptable registration body, or

have been practicing the profession for five of the preceding eight years