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"I can't begin to tell you how you've helped me change my life!  At first, I doubted that hypnosis was real, much less useful.  I can honestly tell you that it has changed my life around completely!  Who knew it was all inside me all this time?!"
PL - Cutchogue
"Wanted to let you know I've already lost 45 pounds and I haven't tried any diets!  It's just like you said; "All hypnosis is self-hypnosis!"  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
DS - Greenport
"Facing cancer is the scariest thing I've ever faced in my life.  Our few sessions together, I'm sure, have made the difference in my mind/body connection and my cancer has been in remission now for three years!  Thank you so much for showing me my own mind's potential!"
AF - Riverhead
Free seminars are offered throughout the area by Eastern Long Island Hypnosis"Thank you for helping our mutual patient.  I've been a licensed psychologist for 21 years and am happy to say that you were instrumental in finally "breaking through" and helping our client overcome his fears and shyness.  He has now made a 180 degree turn in his outlook on life.  Know that I will continue to refer my patients to you as you are obviously professional and very knowledgable in your field."
Dr ES - Manhassett
"You helped me pass two important exams, advancing me in my career goals.  I'll be in touch for your help in reaching my ultimate goal!"
SH - Mattituck
"I can't believe you came all the way to Queens to sit with our group.  Thank you for all your time and information.  Four of us already want you back to help us along!"
EB - Maspeth
"I'm no longer afraid of the water and I even bought and used my own snorkel gear and flippers this past summer.  I owe the new me all to you!  Thanks again!"
RM - Westhampton
"Just wanted to let you know, my golf score has improved by about 10 strokes since we first met.  Now I feel like I can play with th pros!"
DM - Southold
"I've lost 18 pounds since I saw you 3 months ago.  I'm certain I'll reach my goal listening to your CD within the the next 3 months.  Thanks!  :)
LG - Calverton
"Smoking for over 30 years, I tried the patch, Nicorette, acupuncture, aversion therapy and others but until we tried your methods I lost all hope.  Since we had our last session, I haven't even had the urge to smoke.  It's been 5 months since my last cigarette!"
KP - Baiting Hollow
My life has changed 180 degrees because of your help.  My doctors have determined that my cancer is now in total remission.  Chemotherapy along with our weekly sessions, I'm convinced, has made all the difference in my future!  I realize that chemo alone can help some, but I'm certain that our sessions together made all the difference!  Thank you for getting my life back!  HG - Quogue
My son's marks have improved considerably since his sessions with you and thank you for allowing me to sit in during the sessions.  We were very worried about him not graduating next year because of his lack of motivation and simply focusing on his school work and not doing his homework.  It seems like he is a completely changed young man.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!   I'm telling all my friends about your service.  I think you're going to get busy!  SS - Rocky Point
I just found your new webpage.  I hope that everyone can know how you changed my life.  Doctors wrote me off as being a hypochondriac, but you recognized it differently.  My life since our sessions has literally made me a whole new person. 
I can't thank you enough.  And your suggestions about changing my diet and taking vitamins and adding certain herbs in my diet has made a world of difference.  FR - Glen Cove
"Just wanted to let you know I passed all my exams, even physics!  Thank you for all your help." JG - Coram
Dropping a line to thank you.  Since we met 5 months ago, I have lost 40 pounds!  This stuff really works!  BB - Mattituck
I have been sleeping like a baby these past few nights, not counting bathroom pit stops.  I had been waking up at about 6am for over a year, and still felt tired because I really hadn't gotten enough sleep.  Well, I have gotten up at 8:30 these past few days and feel completely rested and free of MS pain.  PH - Riverhead
Can't tell you how much I appreciate all you've done to help me increase my confidence.  There's very little I fear when I leave the house or when I have to meet someone new.  FB - East Moriches
I thought that hypnosis was pretty spooky until you explained everything to me.  Now I love my sessions and can't wait till the next one.  I always feel so relaxed and refreshed when we're done, and I remember every word you said.  It's truly amazing!  AM - Riverhead
Letting my team down again was no longer an option.  You helped me feel how important I was and now I'm proud to say that I'm looked up to by my peers and looking forward to winning (at least) the Countywide Championship!  MP - Wading River
Just the thought of chemotherapy made me so nauseous I didn't even want to continue treatment.  After my meetings with you, I have no sick feelings and I'm doing a lot better.  HS - Manorville
I was pretty fat if you remember.  Now it's almost a year later and I'm now wearing the same jeans I wore when I was in high school.  The best part is, the food I want, I can eat and I don't even have to think about it!  Thanks again!  RP - Hauppauge
I've had a lot of set backs with my treatments as you know but you showed me how to persevere and to never give up.  The doctor tells me that things are looking a lot better now.  CC - Cutchogue
Being a civil engineer, I analyze everything.  I was convinced I could never be hypnotized.  You made me believe that I could almost instantly.  I'm still so amazed and I still haven't had a cigarette to this very day.  GTW - Hampton Bays
Since your talk about stress, I just don't feel like stress affects me anymore.  My husband thinks I made a pact with the devil since I've become so relaxed and I haven't raised my voice to anyone in over three months.  My three teens and I can carry on normal conversations now too.  Every day is a new start to a new life it seems.  Thank you!  FS - East Islip
My 4th stage melanoma was not looking good until I met with you to hear you explain how hypnotherapy worked along with my own natural immune system and the medication I was receiving.  I just wanted to let you know that my latest CT scan showed a marked difference in the size of my tumors.  The doctors and myself are ecstatic!  I feel that your help made all the difference.  HM - Riverhead
When my husband passed away I felt like I died with him.  You helped me understand that my life is now so valuable that I'm helping others cope with their losses.  I'm resilient, happy and I feel loved again!  Your hypnosis coaching gave me a new lease on life.  KK - Jamesport
I knew I wasn't stupid but I just couldn't concentrate or focus before a major exam.  Your hypnosis therapy showed me how and I will never again fear taking any tests!  It's like the best thing ever!  All my marks are going up too!  RD-  Wading River
When you said our first consultation was free I thought there was a catch.  Obviously I was wrong.  Thank you for spending almost an hour and a half explaining everything to me and answering all my questions and concerns.  I'm looking forward to our first session!  Anne 0- Riverhead
Just dropping you a note to say thank you for helping me through the tough times.  I couldn't have done it without you showing me how I could heal myself.  Margaret H - Southampton
When you told me I would become a non-smoker in a few short sessions, I was skeptic.  It has been two years since my last cigarette.  I just wanted you to know you saved my life and my family and I are forever grateful!  Paula S - Center Moriches
I have recently been diagnosed having cancer and have had three sessions with you thus far.  I must say that I am feeling better and have a much better outlook on life and on beating it.  Already, my doctor is seeing a difference for the better. 
I am certain it's because I am thinking optimistically and expect to get well that is making a difference.  Thank you for your help and I'll be setting another appointment with you shortly.
FF - Port Jefferson Station 
Told you I'd write you.  So far I've lost 27 pounds and I owe it all to you!  Wilma G - East Hampton
I'd advise anyone and everyone to go see Ken Friberg for whatever ails you. His voice is soothing and his empathetic nature is honest. I hand out his business cards to many people I know.  SS - Hampton Bays
My son had to attend summer school so he wouldn't be left back which would have been devastating.  Since his sessions with you, he's excited about his future and his marks have improved tremendously.  Thank you!  RS - Massapequa
Autism is so misunderstood and often condemned.  You were the only person that was able to reach my son.  He had been to countless social workers and psychologists but they were barely able to break through his block.  I will recommend you to everyone in my support group and I thank you again for all your efforts.  TT - Southampton
Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to finally face my demons and give up smoking forever.  As you say, now I am a non-smoker!  I might call you for my husband since he is still smoking.  PA - Baiting Hollow
I purchased 2 of your CDs and they are working.  I will tell others to do the same.  GR - Howard Beach
My golf game has improved by more than 6 strokes on a regular basis since I first saw you.  I will recommend my colleagues except the ones I compete against!  WY - East Hampton
As I told you, I am on 7 different medications.  Yesterday, my doctor said he could wean me off of two of them.  I am sure it was because of our sessions.  He seems to agree.  I already told my support group about your care and service.  Expect your business to pick up.  MN - Aquebogue
Thank you so much for your expertise in your profession.  I have never felt more relaxed and the CD is excellent.  My husband and I both listen to it at night.  I was so relaxed, I forgot to pay you!  Many thanks again.  WM - Bayport
You have really helped me to relax and to get my mindless eating under control!!  Amazing!!!  You have been such a blessing to me.  Thank you!!  WM - Bayport
I have suffered with anxiety all my life and often depended on alcohol to help steady my nerves.  I realized that I was headed down a road of self destruction.  When my friend told me about you I figured it was worth a try.  Since our sessions, I have become a much more relaxed and accepting person.  I can walk into a room full of people and feel totally at ease.  Just wanted you to know that your sessions with me worked wonders, and I hardly ever have a drink any more.  KG - Hampton Bays
I am very happy to write you and say I have Been feeling much, much better.
I am able to concentrate more and I'm not really uncomfortable during traffic.
I am able to sit at the lunch table and actually enjoy conversation with my co-workers without feeling the need to run away.
I have been feeling better overall. Listening to the CD every night including tonight (in 5min) I fall asleep though but I wake up different. Not anxious anymore.
Anyway, I know you will be going away but I would like to actually see you a few more times. I want to re-Inforce the way I'm feeling and I want to really feel strong like I've been feeling but for more permanent. Thanks and have a great night. (I will post on your website soon, I just need to find the right time and words)
MM - Westhampton Beach

I have done very well with your help.  I have not smoked except for once about 2 weeks ago.  I utilize your tape and am a firm believer now in what you do.  It has been by far the easiest and most comfortable smoking cessation I have ever done.  Again, you really did a great job and I am so very thankful to you.  Feeling better each day!  MC - Long Beach

Thank you so much!  You're amazing and have truly changed my life!  I feel so fantastic!  Thank you!  KP - Medford

You have an absolutely amazing gift!  I could not have done it without your help!  Thank you!  BF - Manorville

I am so looking forward  to our second session.  I can hardly wait.  I feel better now about myself and any situation that come up.  I no longer feel any anxiety.  I'm still not sure how this works but it definitely does.  I hope others with the same problem I had will see you.  I have two friends that will be calling you shortly.  SS - Riverhead

I am just writing to tell you that I have now lost over 60 pounds since I first saw you in May.  My friends belong to Weight Watchers but with your help I have beat them hands down.  You showed me how losing weight begins in re-programming your mind.  I'm not saying that Weight Watchers doesn't work for some people but hypnosis definitely has the edge!  Thank you, and I'll keep you updated on my continued weight loss.  (Photos attached).  FH - Yaphank

A+ DR - Shoreham

Keeping in touch as promised.  I simply have no more anxiety in any situation and welcome new people into my life.  As you remember, I was afraid of any change and any new people.  A silly fear  Iguess.  But your sessions have completely turned my life around.  I feel like I can take on the world!  JV - Wading River

After doing two deployments in Afghanistan, I was diagnosed with PTSD and could not function as a normal person back in a normal life with my family.  My psychologist suggested hypnosis and your services.  Our sessions turned my life around 360 degrees.  Just wanted to thank you again.  I will refer my brothers in arms returning from those badlands directly to you.  I'm forever in your debt.  JR - Commack

I was being treated for stage 3 lung cancer and now things are looking up.  Because of your help, I'm certain I can beat this thing with the help of my Doctor and the the amazing nurses at ELIHO.  Thank you!   RL - Medford

From 3 packs a day to three cigarettes a day and smoking for 35 years, your program is definitely working.  I am sure I can kick these last few out of my life for good.  I especially liked your withdrawl method since I tried a hundred times to stop cold turkey without success.  I'll see you again to finally nail this horrible habit.  MJ - Mattituck

Just dropping a note to let you know that my hypnosis business has been steadily picking up and am now getting more referrals from doctors.  I thought this might be a hobby but now I'm sure I'll be able to make a good living before too long.  I couldn't have done it without your course and years of knowledge.  Thank you again!  PI - Massapequa

My type 2 diabetes is no more thanks to your weight loss sessions.  I can finally wear my nice dresses that I had in back of my closet too.  ST - Greenport

If you remember, my doctor said I had to stop smoking or I would die early.  I stopped after 4 of your meetings.  Just wanted you to know.  GM - Mt Sinai

Unbelievable!  I have not had one cigarette or even an urge to smoke since our 3 sessions together.  Meeting in my own home was so great too.  Thank you for that convenience and for possibly saving my very life! GB -  Manorville

15 pounds is a good start.  My eating habits have changed and I'm feeling more energetic thanks to you.  FF - Babylon

Just a note to thank you for showing me that I have the power within me to change.  BR -Shirley

I thought that I was addicted to cigarettes.  You proved to me that it was just a learned bad habit which made it simple to stop after smoking for 10 years.  CV - Eastport